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2017 18x24 film negatives [extract]

The work was conceived from a bench, while grieving from the biggest disappointment of my life.
The disappointment over a break-up that left me alone and lonely in a foreign country. After twelve years.
I was sitting by the water watching the swans of the Royal Castle in Stockholm when I recalled that swans are partners for life.
I don't know where this memory comes from and I don't want to verify the complete truthfulness of that.
The belief is enough and the exceptions are unimportant. 

I took these images driven by the the acknowledgement of my sorrow and by the dystopian envy towards these birds.

And yet, with a human perspective, I did shoot the flocks as an utopian society where grace, love and loyalty are the pillars of it. There are no shades of feeling and emotions -herein the pure white on the dark water.

The images were taken in film with a half-frame camera: the usual full frame picture is made with two. A physical emphasis of the coupling and partnership.