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Swans are partner for life.
The utopian society where grace, love and loyalty are the pillars of it.

The images were taken in film with a half-frame camera: the usual full frame picture is made with two.
A physical emphasis of the coupling/partnership.

[extract] Bonded 11.jpg Bonded 7.jpg Bonded 15.jpg Bonded 18.jpg Bonded 3.jpg Bonded 1.jpg Bonded 20.jpg Bonded 5.jpg Bonded 13.jpg Bonded 17.jpg Bonded 16.jpg Bonded 10.jpg Bonded 14.jpg Bonded 19.jpg Bonded 8.jpg Bonded 9.jpg Bonded 12.jpg Bonded 2.jpg Bonded 6.jpg Bonded 4.jpg